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Whether buying new or considering an upgrade, Cheap Alarm’s CCTV solution is going to be your best solution for affordable security. Call or email us today for any enquiries.

Whilst your security system will provide notification of an event, CCTV allows you to either capture evidence through recorded video or the ability to remotely view your property to check if any break-in has actually occurred. CCTV can be installed externally as a deterrent to potential intruders and also internally to give you the ability to keep an eye on pets.

Uniview is a market leader in CCTV technologies, with exceptional low light performance and easy to use mobile phone applications and software.

A great fit for both domestic and commercial installations.

Dahua Technologies is a leading manufacturer of video surveillance products and solution providers. They have established an enduring reputation for IP cameras and represent exceptional value for a quality product. At Jim’s we consider Dahua to be one of the best options for Home CCTV installations in most scenarios.